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The Region’s Only Level I Trauma Center

Erlanger Health System provides the highest level of care for critically ill and traumatically injured patients. As southeast Tennessee’s only Level I Trauma Center designated by both Alabama and Tennessee, Erlanger is the comprehensive resource for a 63-county service area, as well as the tertiary care facility central to the area’s Regional Trauma System covering Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. This means Erlanger is ready to provide the most complex and highly specialized trauma care 24/7. Our Trauma Center is a comprehensive care system that includes: 

  • Dedicated Shock/Trauma Bays for treatment and stabilization
  • Dedicated Trauma Operating Rooms
  • Trauma Intensive Care Unit
  • Neuro-Trauma Intensive Care Unit
  • Trauma Stepdown Unit
  • Trauma Surgical Unit
  • Six full-time dedicated Trauma/Acute Care Surgeons
  • Inpatient Rehab Services
  • Dedicated Trauma Nurse Navigator
  • Care Managers
  • Trauma Critical Care Nurse Clinicians (Red Shirts)
  • Specialized Trauma ICU Nurses
  • Designated Trauma Nurse Practitioners
  • Rigorous Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Program 
  • ED-ICU Job Share Program
  • Trauma Research Program
  • Community Injury Prevention Program

High-Level Trauma Care

  • The region’s only trauma and acute care surgeons on duty 24/7 – with round-the-clock coverage for services such as orthopedics, plastics and neurosurgery
  • The region’s only Level I accredited hyperbaric oxygen program for wound therapy
  • The region’s only academic surgery critical care fellowship programs, training tomorrow’s physicians in the latest techniques


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Trauma Services Team

Jessica Holladay, BSN, RN, TCRN CEN

Jessica Holladay, BSN, RN, TCRN CEN

Nurse Director Trauma and Surgical Critical Care email 423-778-3059
Robert A. Maxwell, MD, FACS

Robert A. Maxwell, MD, FACS

Trauma Medical Director email 423-778-7695
Stephanie Spain

Stephanie Spain, RN, CCRN, TCRN

Adult Trauma Program Manager email 423-778-6705
Renee Mills, RN, CCNC, CEN

Renee Mills, RN, CCNC, CEN

Pediatric Trauma Program Manager email 423-778-6704
Maria Kissner

Maria Kissner

Credentialing Specialist email 423-778-3973