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Financial Assistance Policy

Financial assistance and charity care are available to patients that apply and qualify. If you need help filling out the application, contact one of our financial counselors at 423-778-5150. In addition to helping with charity care, our financial counselors are here to help you figure out if you can get TennCare or Medicaidand how to pay for your care. If you don’t qualify for financial assistance, we allow some patients to make payments on a monthly basis.

Erlanger will use outside agencies for debt collection, as needed. And when appropriate, legal assistance is used to collect payment from those who have the ability to pay.


Financial Assistance Application and Instructions
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Financial Assistance Policy
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Billing and Collections Policy
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Plain Language Summary of Financial Assistance Policy
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Please mail completed application to:

Erlanger Health System
Charity Application
Attention: Shemeca Lewis
P.O. Box 1150
Chattanooga, TN 37401

Types of Financial Assistance

Uninsured, Self-Pay Patients
A Managed Care type discount will be applied to all self-pay accounts in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated § 68-11-262. The selfpay discount is computed by the Tennessee Hospital Association, which sets a maximum collection rate for uninsured patients. These discounts do not apply to programs or services that are elective in nature.

Examples of elective programs or services include (but are not limited to) wellness programs, cosmetic procedures, etc. Elective programs and services have specific pricing and are exempt from qualifying for charity care.

Hamilton County Assistance Program
The Hamilton County Assistance Program applies to all Hamilton County residents who qualify for charity care under the abovereferenced federal poverty guidelines. Hamilton County residents who meet Erlanger’s charity care criteria are qualified for both in-patient and out-patient Erlanger services for a six-month period of time.

We utilize 340B medications for qualified patients of the hospital as that term is defined and applied within the Federal 340 B Drug Discount Program, see policy PC 220 340B Drug Purchasing and Compliance Policy.

Caring Ways
CaringWays is a private fundraising platform that works directly with hospitals and other organizations to help friends and family members pay for medical costs with greater ease, confidence, and security.


Contact Information

Please call Patient Financial Services at 423-778-5150 to speak with a financial counselor.