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Student Clinical Placement

Students of today are colleagues of tomorrow.

Erlanger Health System recognizes that the clinical experience is often the catalyst for merging theory and practice so that both have meaning and application for patient care. Erlanger provides unique and valuable learning experiences as well as numerous career pathways. As a teaching hospital our goal is to prepare students for a rewarding career by demonstrating high-quality practice. Our Clinical Placement Coordinators are committed to collaborating with educational institutions in order to provide an environment of learning experiences.

Clinical Placement Options

Allied Health  Undergraduate Nursing  Graduate Programs

Clinical Placement/Facility Expectation and Guidelines

  • All clinical placements will follow Erlanger guidelines. It is the educational institution's responsibility to ensure instructors and students know the facility expectations and guidelines
  • All programs seeking placement must have completed a current Affiliation Agreement. Send request to
  • Faculty of the school, college, university, or institution is responsible for maintaining current student files including Hospital Orientation Checklist and supporting documentation.
  • Hospital Orientation Checklist must be submitted to the clinical site coordinator each semester before students may enter the facility. Checklist may be downloaded from TCPS Orientation website.
  • All undergraduate nursing placement requests must be made through Total Clinical Placement System. Allied Health and graduate program requests should be made via email to Do not make requests to department managers or staff.
  • All clinical instructors and students must complete hospital orientation through TCPS. (General Orientation or Erlanger-specific orientation)
  • Clinical instructors and students who are also employees of Erlanger Health System should act within the parameters of their role. Employees should not use badge or eChart access when on site as an instructor or student.
  • Erlanger is smoke-free
  • School-issued badges must be worn at all times-above the waist
  • Minimal personal belongings should be brought on site.
  • Students must not work the shift before clinical- 8hrs minimum between work and clinical.
  • Unit breakroom areas, lounges or physician dictation areas must not be used; conference rooms may be utilized with manager permission. 
  • Students should use the following designated dining areas for breaks, lunches and Post Conference.

Designated Dining Areas

Erlanger Main Campus

  • Erlanger Bistro (cafeteria)
  • Atrium (located behind Erlanger Bistro)
  • Medical Mall Dining area across from CVS

Erlanger East

  • Cafeteria (Building A)

Clinical Student Daily Check-In

Daily check-in must be completed by all students and faculty each shift prior to entering Erlanger clinical departments. Use THIS LINK or the QR code to the right.